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Free CD to MP3 Converter Translation Help
Eusing Software now invites you to become our volunteer UI translator to localize our popular Free CD to MP3 Converter into your language. The translation process is simple, easy and fast. Eusing Software highly appreciate your contribution to our product. If you like, we can add your name as translator on our website.

How the translations are done
Step 1, download the CLan_English.ini file. Please don't click on the link directly because this will open the text file in the browser window. Instead, right click on the the link and save it.
Step 2, open the CLan_English.ini with Notebook or other edit tools.
Step 3, translate the file into your language:
You only need to translate all those words behind '='. For example, the line is 'ToolButton1=Extract', you need to translate 'Extract' to your language and keep 'ToolButton1='. Please also keep the line between '[' and ']' such as '[MainForm]'.  There are '&' in some lines. You need to translate other words and keep '&' and the word behind it. For example, 'File1=&File', you need to translate 'File' to your language and add '(&F)' behind those translated words.
Step 4, choose "Save As" from the File menu, name your file using with "CLan_Other.ini".
Step 5, download the multi-language version (Click here to download)
Install this version and copy "CLan_Other.ini" to the install path. Run the software, click the button "Language" and choose menu "Other". The cleaner's UI will immediately switch to your language. You may check the UI to make sure your translation is correct. If you want to switch back to English UI, simply choose menu "Language/English".
Step 6, rename "CLan_Other.ini" using following format: CLan_LanguageName.ini and send it to

Language Translated By
Arabic 3arif
Catalan Jaume Casals
Chinese Shuang Er
Czech Czech
Danish Peter Sigsgaard
Dutch W. Schaaij
English Eusing Software
French Francois Faber
German Michael
Greek geogeo
Hungarian Szabolcs Juhász
Italian Roberto
Kurdish Occo Mahabad
Latvian Andris Petrams
Polish Bart S.
Portuguese Evoluxa
Russian pozdnysheff
Slovenian Mirai Marjan
Spanish PycMot
Swedish Mikael Hiort af Ornäs
Turkish Nejdet ACAR

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