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  Clear Yahoo Search History

  Clear Yahoo search history with one simple click with Free Internet Window Washer.

  Free Internet Window Washer
  Platform: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
  Download and use for Free!


Your yahoo search is remembered and stored on your computer. Yahoo! Toolbar will also remember your recent searches so that you can easily find the things you searched for previously. Anyone who has access to your computer can easily see what you have searched for. If you don't clear yahoo history regularly you can be easily discovered and embarrassed. Clear yahoo history until it's too late. It takes just one simple click to clear yahoo history and remove evidence of your web activity.

You can safely and quickly clear yahoo history with Free Internet Window Washer, it takes just one simple mouse click. To clear yahoo history in Free Internet Window Washer go to the 'Wash Settings'. Under Browsers Tab, make sure you have URL History, recently typed URLs, and auto complete checked for browser you are using, like IE or Firefox (you can check all options if you want). If you want to clear history of Yahoo! Toolbar, also check Yahoo Toolbar under Application Tab. Then press Wash Now item to clear them. You will clear yahoo History and other sensitive information about web sites you visited. You can also use scheduler to clear yahoo history on a timely matter, like each day or each hour, or you can set Shadow to clear yahoo history each time when you shut down.

How do I stop my Internet search history?
The record of search history which appears in the search box on Yahoo! is actually a feature controlled by your browser, not Yahoo!
If you have Internet Explorer as your browser, you may stop the search history from being generated by following the instructions below:

1. Select the the 'Tools' menu in Internet Explorer.
2. Select 'Internet Options', then select the 'Content' tab.
3. Under Personal information, click on the 'AutoComplete'.


On the AutoComplete Settings window you can click the 'Clear Forms' box to delete your current history, or you can uncheck the Forms box to permanently stop the generation of the search history.

To quickly clear ALL the Web pages from your hard disk and free up space, download Free Internet Window Washer. With one simple click of a button you can clean your cache, your history, and your stored cookies.   Download and use for Free!

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