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Scan registry issue: On the left bottom side of the window, you will see a set of options. Select the options you want from the list. Then click 'Scan registry issue' to scan registry for invalid or obsolete information in it, wait for the process to complete. You can cancel the scanning process by pressing the 'Stop' button. When the search gets completed, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner will provide you a complete list of invalid registry keys it has found.
Repair registry issue: By default, all entries found are marked for deletion. Select items and right click on them to see a context menu. If you are an expert, you can select those that you want to delete by check marking them. You can click the 'Repair Registry Issue' item to remove invalid entries in your Windows Registry.
Restore previous registry: An undo file is created whenever you delete an item from registry through Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. The undo-file will have its name related to the date and hour when it was created. If you are not satisfied with the changes done by it then you can always revert back to the last configuration by clicking the 'Restore previous registry' item. Then displays the Restore registry backup screen. Select the file to be merged back to the registry and click the Restore button.











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Click the menu 'Edit' and select 'Options...' item, then displays the Options setting screen.

Create a System Restore Point before repair (XP, Vista): Select this check box to create a System Restore point prior to making registry changes whenever the Repair function is executed. Please note:
If the Windows System Restore function is deactivated, when you select this option, a Windows message will notify you that the Windows System Restore function is turned off. Click Yes to display the Windows System Properties property sheet where you can activate Windows System Restore. If this option is cleared, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner will not create Windows System Restore points when the repair function executed. Important: If you wish to restore System Restore Points created by Eusing Free Registry Cleaner on future occasions, you should not turn off the Windows System Restore function. Doing so will result in Windows deleting all previously created System Restore Points.
Delete backup file after restoring the registry on restore dialog: Select this check box if you want to delete the backup file after restoring the registry.
Include all references to removable media: Select this check box if you need Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to scan all registry key and value include removable media.
Include all references to CD drive: Select this check box if you need Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to scan all registry key and value include CD drive.
Show hint dialog after repairing registry issue: Select this check box if you need Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to show the hint dialog after the software complete the scan.
Beep after the scan and repair action: Select this check box if you need Eusing Free Registry Cleaner to give a beep sound to hint after the software complete the scan.

Ignore Lists:

To prevent a registry entry's value or subkey being repaired when the Repair function is executed and from being detected in future scans, add the value or subkey to your personalized Ignore Lists. Any values you have added can be viewed and accessed by clicking the "Values" tab. Likewise, any subkeys added can be accessed by clicking on the "Keys" tab.
The Ignore List manager screen has three buttons below the lists, used for modifying items within your Value or Keys Ignore Lists.
Add - allows you to create a new value or subkey from scratch and add it to your list.
Edit - allows you to edit a exist registry value or subkey in your list.
Remove - allows you to remove specific items from your Ignore Lists. To remove items from this list, select their check boxes and click the Remove button.
Note: After entering 'HKEY_', then the 'OK' button will been enabled on the 'Add to Ignore List' dialog.

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